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Красота *О*
Приятно "понимать" арты по СильмуXD

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Прекрасное витражное
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Tolkien: Lord of the middle earth


End of Hurin

Song of helmet and bow

Turin and fall of Nargothrond

Captive of Hurin

Exile of Morgoth

Glory and fallen of Numenor

Go West

The final battle in Unnumbered Tears

Wound in weathertop


Light of Earendil

Tom, Bert, and William

Farewell Frodo

River of Bruinen

Mount Doom


You cannot pass

Talking with Tom Bombadil

Welcome from Lothlorien

Welcome from Lothlorien (new)

The Ring

Shepherd of forest

Fate of Beren and Luthien

Feanor and Silmarils


Meilian's forest

The birth of two trees

The horn of King Helm sounded

The return of the King

Road to Gondor

Music of Ainur

Grey Havens

I am no man

Birthday party of Baggins

Palace of King Theoden

Lament of Evening Star

Gates of Argonath

Rest in Gildor's forest


Night of planning an Adventure

Bilbo Baggins in bagend

Long adventure with hobbit version

The Wizards

Fifteen birds in the trees

Forest King

Thranduil King of Mirkwood

Nest of Smaug

Bard with black arrow

Battle of Five Armies

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